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Welcome to Spendster Nation. Let me show you around a bit.

Our Story

When I first bought a house in 2008, I did what hardly anyone does…I looked at the amortization schedule, and I was horrified!

The house was modestly priced at the time but at the end of my 30 year mortgage I would be paying nearly double when it was all said and done.

And I wouldn’t even start to make a dent in the principle for years.

I knew there had to be a better way.

So I started researching like crazy. Trying to find all the possible ways to pay off my house faster and keep more of my hard earned money.

I was determined to solve this puzzle and create a plan.

It worked! By leveraging some simple mortgage payment tweaks and a HELOC I was able to pay off my house in just 9 years.

All of this made me realize that the system was broken and we needed to help change things.

And that is why I decided to start Spendster, to give people the financial education they don’t teach in school. To help more people break free from the daily grind and finally enjoy life.

To your financial success!


Our Mission

The mission here at Spendster is simple: to help improve your life through financial education.

Truth of the matter is, almost everything you’ve been taught about money in school is just wrong.

The National Financial Capability Study determined that only 17% of people 18-34 are financially literate and that rate is showing signs of further decline.

We’ll aim to dispel all the myths surrounding money so you can have a healthy relationship with it.

Money is a tool, a very powerful tool that can help you get nearly anything you want.


We are centered around educating people about money in this simple way:

Learn to take control of your expenses through budgeting.

We’ll talk about what you can do to make more money through side hustles or other income generating projects.

Talk about how to use debt responsibly and avoid some common pitfalls with mortgages and credit cards.

Then we’ll create a plan to save or invest the extra money you accumulate.

And finally, we’ll get you on the path to achieving financial freedom.

Financial Freedom

Everyone has a different definition of what financial freedom is to them.

Our definition is this: your passive income is more than the money you spend to live the lifestyle you want.

Once you get to that point, you’ve successfully bought time. Time to do what you want.

The goal is to get you there as early as possible so you can enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Meet The Spendster Team

Bruce Boswell

Bruce Boswell

Lead Writer – Bruce has a passion for helping others learn about money. With a background as a Wall Street executive, Bruce has seen it all over the years. He tells you how things are in a no nonsense manner, even if it stings a bit.

Fun Fact: Favorite song is “Every Breath You Take” by the Police.

E-mail: bruce.boswell@spendster.org

Amy Williams

Amy Williams

Graphics/Writer – Amy is an expert in graphic design. As a former mortgage broker, she also contributes very helpful articles related to the industry. You may also see Amy writing lifestyle articles from time to time.

Fun Fact: Amy is obsessed with weddings.

E-mail: amy.williams@spendster.org

Rory Ackerman

Rory Ackerman

Writer – Rory is part of the writing team with a strong background in stock markets and crypto. He writes articles on how to invest smartly and confidently.

Fun Fact: Rory is a huge dirt bike enthusiast.

E-mail: rory.ackerman@spendster.org

Contact Us

For any press/media inquiries please contact us at media@spendster.org

Just want to say hey? E-mail hey@spendster.org