Can Someone Else Pay My Credit Card Bill?

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Struggling with your debt? Has a good Samaritan offered to pay your credit card bill for you? A spouse even? Read on to discover the many ways in which they can make payment on your behalf. 

Pay Via Check

The person who is paying your bill for you will be able to do so by writing a check and sending it to the appropriate mailing address in order to ensure the card payment is made.

Can someone else pay my credit card bill

They should always write the cardholder’s full name and full card information including their account number and card number. Otherwise, the credit card issuer will not be sure which amount the payment is being made to. This information should be included in the ‘memo’ section of the check.

In order to make things a lot easier, they can also send off the check alongside the credit card payment coupon that will be included with your monthly statement. If you’re not able to obtain this then you can request your statement in email form.

Make sure that you’re checking that the mailing address is correct prior to sending your check.

Use Online Methods Of Payment

If you have an online bill payment feature then the person who is making the payment can use this method in order to ensure that the payment is made to the correct place.

You should also ensure that the cardholder’s name and account information is correct when using this method to avoid any unnecessary errors. 

Pay Over The Phone 

They can always ask the cardholder to prove the telephone number that is printed on the back of most credit cards and make a direct call to a customer service team who will take the payment over the phone.

You will need to ensure that you have your bank’s account number and routing number in order to authorize their payment.

However, it is worth noting that not every credit card provider will take this style of payment without your presence so you should definitely be ready to confirm the authorization if necessary.

Use Online Payment Methods To Set Up Future Payments (If Necessary)

Similar to the previous steps, you will need to provide your account number and routing number to the person who is making the payment and if this is going to be a regular payment then using an online method of payment is the easiest means of ensuring that their details can be saved for any future payments that may be necessary.

Similarly you can also set up automatic payments to avoid the hassle of manual, monthly payments. 

Payment From A Savings Account

If they’re making a payment from a savings account, these accounts are not designed for frequent transactions and so it is worth noting that these accounts will have a rule or limitation on outgoing payments.

If the person who is paying your bills exceeds this limitation, they may be liable for an excess withdrawal fee and if this rule is repeatedly violated, it could result in their account being closed or their bank will convert their account to a checking account which will have its own unique fee policy.  

Coronavirus has undoubtedly wreaked havoc on the vast majority of people and making a payment on behalf of someone else may be the kindest thing that you can do to alleviate the emotional and financial burdens that are placed upon them during this ongoing pandemic.

The financial implications of COVID19 are going to have far reaching consequences for the foreseeable future with some experts predicting that the fall-out will last for around 10 years (or more).

If you are trying to alleviate your own debt by relying on the kindness of someone else, also be aware that their financial situation may change and they may not be able to make these payments with as much regularity as you’re expecting.

You should always try to alleviate your own debts without relying on another person indefinitely, but it is understandable if you’re in a position where you’re not able to do so right now.

The best way to approach paying off your credit card bill is to make a short-term plan that involves someone else making payments for approximately six months until you’re in a better position to be able to take on the remaining payments.

Most people who are helping you in this way will expect you to take some responsibility over your own debts eventually and this is the best way to reassure them that these payments are only a short-term emergency measure.

Having a contingency plan is the best way to approach any transactional relationship, even if the person who is paying your bill is more than financially secure.

A wide variety of situations can occur that may put them in a position where they’re unable to support you, as mentioned, and so a short-term relief-plan is a far better alternative. 

You should also refrain from taking on a second or third credit card during this period of time as this will only extend the financial hardships that you’re facing and next time that you face financial hardship, you may not be fortunate enough to receive payments from a friend, family member or guarantor.

There are also numerous charities that can guide you whilst you are experiencing hardship and they will be able to set out a payment plan for you if you are unable to be assisted by someone else or if you are trying every method in order to make payment yourself prior to gaining help from another person.

You should never be ashamed about being in debt to credit card suppliers as the vast majority of people will experience debt related to credit cards at least once in their lifetime.

As mentioned, the pandemic has had a hardened impact on many people and it is not always your fault if you have found yourself in a worsened financial position. Therefore, you should source every means possible to make payment and should not feel ashamed to do so. 


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