Can You Use a Credit Card at a Casino?

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Gambling like many activities that you’re not really supposed to do, can be quite a lot of fun especially when you are on a hot streak. However it quickly becomes a far less fun activity when you begin to lose and you’re stuck on a bad streak.

In the 21st century you’re offered more than just one way to gamble, whereas back in the day you had to go to a casino, nowadays you can gamble from the comfort of your own bedroom.

Can You Use a Credit Card at a Casinos

Whether you are betting on your favorite sports team or betting on something you know little to zero about it’s important to remember that gambling can take a hold of you and once it has a hold of you it’s difficult to shake it off. 

If you’re new to gambling and you’ve just won your first bet the excitement that can take over you can really be overwhelming, after all it’s almost like you’ve just won a lot of free money.

But when that dries out and you’re a little short one month you may find yourself asking all sorts of questions on how are you going to keep gambling, one of those questions maybe “Hey I wonder if I can use my credit card” Well hopefully this answers that for you.

Online Gambling

In a world of an online market it’s no surprise that gambling corporations have opted to give you the ability to bet online, they’d be silly not to. To gamble online all you really need to do is simply set an account up. It really is as easy as joining a social media platform, which is quite alarming when you think about it. Once your account is set up it comes down to depositing money into your account.

This all depends on your card provider. If it’s something that you really want to do, you should research what your provider allows you to do with your card. A couple of things to consider when you’re depositing money to your online wallet is that most gambling sites have a minimum deposit amount that could range anywhere from $5 to $100. That is left up to the site runner to determine.

Because you would be using a credit card it’s important to remember that when you’re depositing money into your account it can be charged with a high interest rate meaning that the money you’re actually gambling with, may be more than you first thought. Some creditors will not allow you to use their money deposit into your account as well, it’s a gamble.

What you could consider doing to get around that is using your credit card to transfer the money to a different card you have and setting it up that way instead of doing it directly from your credit card.

Casino Gambling

If you’ve tried online gambling and found that maybe you need to go to an actual casino to feel the thrill of gambling, then unfortunately you will be stuck using your credit card there too. At least you can’t use it to directly gamble.

You would need to get a cash advance using a credit card and then use that money to actually gamble with, but in terms of gambling straight off of your credit card you unfortunately struggle to do that. But really it depends on where you are and what the casino and your creditor allow, in states like New Jersey it’s not totally impossible to use your credit card to fund your habit.

Although Casinos themselves do not like allowing customers to gamble with their credit card that would be left for the individual casino to decide.

Even if they do if your creditor won’t allow it then you simply won’t be able to, While it’s not illegal to use you credit card in this way, you will have a difficult time finding a place that accepts this as a form of payment, the reason being of course is that you as the consumer can simply dispute any charges made by the card, maybe you could make the argument that you used your credit card in the casino gift shop and not to gamble away money you don’t have.

In Summary 

While it is not strictly illegal to use your credit card to gamble it is highly frowned upon by casinos and creditors themselves. It is simply too big a risk for them and for you to take at least it is in their eyes, maybe not yours. Lots of credit card companies will point blank refuse your ability to gamble directly from their card.

However, like mentioned earlier there is ways around this online and in house, if you simply use your credit card to transfer a different type of card that you have, then the money will appear in the account although that can leave you with high interest rates that in some cases turn out to cost more than you would have even won while gambling with it.

The inevitable downsides pf gambling with a credit card are absolutely not worth the risk at all but like mentioned, if you can find a way around the system then you’re not technically breaking any laws by doing so.

If you find it necessary to use your credit card then you can simply research what type of card that you have and if your creditor allows you to use the card in such a way that could have a negative impact on them.

Also like stated earlier, as there is a chance you can dispute the transaction you will be hard pressed to find a casino that actively wants you to use your credit card to gamble with their money, so if you decide to take this route it’s highly unlikely that you will be the casinos favorite consumer that night.

No, it is best to use the money that you have stored in your bank account. 

We have more information on where you can and can’t use credit cards here, for example at funeral homes, for car loans and at dispensaries.

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