Can You Use Two Of The Same Credit Card?

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Knowing when and how to use your credit card is an important part of having one. If your credit card is in someway damaged or you think you have lost it, it’s important you can quickly and easily get a replacement.

Having a constantly access to your money is important to everyone, particularly if you are very busy and need to be able to quickly and effectively get hold of your money. 

Can you use two of the same credit card

So, what happens when your credit card stops working? What kind of steps should you take to get it to work again? How do you contact your bank about it? Can you use two of the same credit card?

All these questions and more will be answered in this piece. 

What To Do If  You Think Your Credit Card Has Stopped Working?

One of the most concerning things possible can be when one of your cards stops working. It can ruin your day, can cause you to feel as if you are powerless and make you consider if you can go on doing what you are meant to be doing.

This is why you must not only make sure your credit cards are working at all times but also stay calm if they suddenly stop working. 

If you think your credit card has suddenly stopped working, make sure to take the card out and examine it. See if you can see any specks of dirt or discoloration that might account for the card not working properly.

This is important because sometime people have been worried that their card doesn’t work when it was simply that some dirt or grease had gotten on to the card and made it so it didn’t work properly. This can have led them to calling their bank and ensuring that the situation becomes more strained and problematic for them. 

This is why it is always worth checking to see whether dirt or grease may have caused the problem. If that isn’t the case, then try paying for something or attempting to access as an ATM to see if you can use your card as you normally would.

If the card doesn’t work at the ATM or the checkout then it is time to call your bank and or credit card provider (if they are different) and enquire what the issue is with your card.

In some instance it may simply be that the bank has stopped your credit card for a fraud check. If that is the case, then it can easily be resolved, and the situation sorted out. If that isn’t the problem and the card has been stopped for some other reason or has suddenly stopped working, then it is time to call your credit card provider to try to resolve the situation. 

How To Get Your Credit Card Working Again

If you have tried getting dirt of the card and tried taking it to an ATM and it still doesn’t work then calling your bank is the next logical step. Once you have called your bank and ascertained as to whether the halt on your card is a result of a fraud check or something else, you need to get them to do what they can. 

Of course, if the card has stopped worked completely then it is best to ask them to send you a new card. This of course is difficult as sending a new card might take days, which of course will no doubt be an inconvenience to you.

If it is possible, try to arrange a visit to the offices of your bank or credit provider and see if you can pick up a new card rather than waiting for the US Postal service to deliver it. 

Can You Use Two Of The Same Credit Card?

You might be wondering – well if one of the cards doesn’t work, why not just have two with the same number and same account? 

Whilst it is possible to have two cards with identical numbers linked to the same credit account, it is rare that a bank will let you do this, and it is not advised. The reason it is rare is because often it will be seen as a way to run up double the amount of credit debt which can get you and the bank into trouble. 

Similarly, it can mean that it is more likely that your card can be stolen and potentially abused by another party. This is simply because if you have more than one credit card it is obviously more possible for you to potentially lose it or have it stolen, resulting in someone attempting to use your card and cause your credit score to become much worse. 

It is of course, possible, to get two cards with the same number. If you have a particular business relationship with your bank, they may allow you to have more than one credit card with the same number and linked to the same account but even then, it is unlikely. 

Whilst it might seem churlish of the bank it is in fact attempting to help protect you from potential fraud and or problems related to your credit score. This is why it is important that you keep your one credit card safe, secure and workable rather than letting it end up getting broken or damaged. 

Understanding Why You Should Be Careful With Your Credit Card

Your credit card can, invariably, help you out of difficult situations. It can also cause problems for you when you don’t properly look after it. If you credit card becomes battered or worn and doesn’t work as a consequence, this can make your life much more difficult when you want it to be going as smoothly as possible. 

This is why you must always ensure that your credit card is in the best possible condition it can be and that you remember – you can only have one credit card at a time. There is a certain responsibility that comes with having a credit card and you must make sure you understand that responsibility fully. 

Money is often at the heart of our lives so don’t fail to show it and your credit card the respect it deserves. An important note to end this article is that duplicating cards is illegal.

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