Can Your Phone Demagnetize Your Credit Card?

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Remember when most people had to leave the house with a handy backpack or handbag in which to carry all of the necessary items? That’s not really as needed nowadays, as you can pretty much go wherever you need with just your phone. Maybe also your house keys. 

The idea of needing a wallet is pretty outdated as you can have most cards on your phone, but also because a lot of people will choose to keep their credit cards inside their phone!

Can Your Phone Demagnetize Your Credit Card

Whether it’s inside the phone case, or in the special pocket that some phone cases come with if they are flip-style. 

However, the phone has a magnetic field. And the credit card uses a magnet chip in which all the information to make the credit card functional and valid is stored….you see where we are going here.

Can your phone accidentally demagnetize your credit card? Will you reach the cashier one day, and have your card not work, all because you carried it inside your phone? Can a plastic bag fix it?!

We’ll answer the question, don’t worry. So let’s get right into it! 

Will Your Phone Demagnetize Your Credit Card?

Okay so here is the thing, the magnet in your credit card is not going to last forever. They naturally deteriorate over time and stop working, which is why all credit cards have an expiry date on them.

But as they have a magnet, if you put them close to a magnetic field or magnet, then they can become demagnetized, and will stop working, even if they’ve just been issued and are brand new. 

Phones have a magnetic field, so it is completely normal for people to be worried that their credit cards will become demagnetized when exposed to them. 

However, the magnetic field issued by a phone is actually too weak to demagnetize a credit card. Maybe in the past, sure. But nowadays the magnets on credit cards are better made, and the phone simply isn’t strong enough to mess with them, so your credit card should be completely safe! 

So yes, this means that it is okay to keep your credit card inside your phone, and you shouldn’t have any problems from doing so. Your credit cards are phone-proof. 

That being said, this is according to standard phones. If you have a phone with an especially strong magnetic field, then it could end up messing with the credit card! 

Is It Bad To Keep Your Credit Card Inside Your Phone? 

Okay, so your phone will not demagnetize your credit card, so technically, it’s okay to keep your credit card inside your phone. But are we sure keeping the credit card on the phone isn’t bad in some way? 

Well, it isn’t completely bad, but it might not be completely good either.

There are pros and cons, like with most things in life. So we’re going to go through the pros (reasons why it’s good to keep your credit card inside your phone) and the cons (reasons why it is bad). 

Pros (Reasons Why It’s Good To Keep Your Credit Card In The Phone)

Cons (Reasons Why It’s Bad To Keep Your Credit Card In The Phone)

What Can Demagnetize Your Credit Card? 

Your phone can’t demagnetize your credit card, because its magnetic field is, quite simply, too weak to do so.

However, there are plenty of other things that you should keep away from your credit card, because they have a stronger magnetic field, and they will demagnetize and/or damage your credit card if it gets too close! 

Here are some things you need to keep away from your credit card, in order to protect its magnet:

Should You Get A Wallet Phone Case? 

If you’re still worried about the possibility of your phone demagnetizing your credit card, then a good solution would be to get yourself a wallet phone case.

Wallet phone cases are phone cases that come with an integrated pocket, slip, or space, in which your credit card can be stored. Sometimes they even have space for multiple cards! 

These are specifically designed to keep your credit card on your phone, in a safer way, completely protected from damage, and from being demagnetized in any way. 

They’re quite handy and convenient, and they’re definitely better than simply shoving your credit card into a regular phone case! 

In fact, some wallet phone cases will also protect your credit card from being used by people trying to steal from you.

Like for example, the people that use devices to remotely access your credit card as they walk by, kind of like a contactless payment device that they tap into your card, through the phone. Special wallet phone cases can protect from this so that this can’t be done! 

But ultimately, whether you get a wallet phone case or not is up to you. If you regularly carry your credit card on your phone, then we recommend getting one. If not, then it’s not much use to you. 

Final Thoughts

To sum this up, just remember that your phone cannot demagnetize your credit card, as the magnetic field is not strong enough. Therefore, your credit card is completely safe to be carried with your phone, and it should not stop working because of this. 

If you want to be extra safe, you could use a wallet phone case. However, the things you should be wary of are stronger magnets, such as refrigerator magnets, magnetic clasps, and similar. 

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