Do Twitch Mods Get Paid?

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If you’ve never heard of Twitch, it’s a platform that lets you run a channel broadcasting live videos on a specific subject and for others to follow your live streams in real-time. And while most Twitch streamers start out with a passion for a certain topic or subject, one question arises – do Twitch mods get paid?

The answer is yes, some Twitch mods get paid for participating in the streams and sorting out different problems to make it easier for streamers. So, let’s dive into the matter of Twitch mods, whether they should get paid or not, and how much!

How Much Do Streamers Make On Twitch?

Successful Twitch streamers with broad follower bases can get paid around $5000 per month, while the most popular streamers from the top 100 list get paid $30,000 on average. However, that’s the top of the line of Twitch streamers, and it could be hard to reach those streamers in an attempt to become their moderator.

Streamers On Twitch

Still, it’s a detail worth knowing, since you can expect to get paid between $50, to anywhere close to $500 for a day of streaming if you succeed in being a mod for top streamers. During his Subathon, a famous twitch streamer Ludwig paid his moderators $5000 per day, so the figures vary drastically. 

Twitch moderators often start by simply hanging out in the live streams and sticking around as the streamer grows more and more.

So, big streamers might notice you if you entice new members to join the community or influence their channel for the better.

What’s The Role Of A Twitch Mod?

Don’t get easily confused with expressions here – Twitch mods are not the same as Twitch streamers. Streamers run the channel and lead each Twitch stream, while the moderators simply aid in making things easier for the streamer.

They deal with the Twitch community of the channel and have various roles in terms of dealing with followers. Nearly every large Twitch streamer has a moderator or two, and they sometimes get paid.

It all depends on the role, the publicity of the channel, and the earnings of the streamer. So, there are various factors to consider regarding the matter of whether Twitch mods get paid.

Twitch Streamers Don’t Have To Pay Their Mods

It’s a common misconception that the Twitch streamer has to pay the Twitch mods. 

That’s probably the biggest thing that leads to the question of do Twitch mods get paid?

However, there’s no such rule set by the streaming platform, so streamers aren’t obligated to pay their Twitch mods.

Of course, there are other ways of rewarding the Twitch moderators for doing a good job for each stream. Streamers can include bonuses and prizes for birthdays and other special occasions. 

Still, you can’t blame the streamers, since most of them start with having a dozen or so followers per stream.

As they build their way towards higher viewers and more profit, they start to get the funds needed to pay the Twitch mods. You can’t expect a streamer that hasn’t established an income to have enough funds to pay you as a mod. 

While it’s not a defined rule, Twitch streamers can pay their mods if they find them to be doing a solid job and helping the channel grow.

Things You Need To Do To Get Paid As a Twitch Mod

Streamers that pay mods expect you to bring value to their channel, and the list of things you should consider doing is quite large. Still, it all adds up to be a way to boost the rating of the channel and gain new followers.

Get Paid As a Twitch Mod

Here are some of the services that a Twitch moderator should take on to provide value for the streamer:

Roles Of The Twitch Mod Explained

As a Twitch mod, you’ll have several roles listed, and some of them might be more difficult than others. You’ll probably start by keeping an eye on the chat and deleting any spam comments or kicking users that abuse the rules. 

However, there’s a series of other roles as well, and we’ll go through them so you’ll know what to expect for the pay:

Making Short Clips On Other Platforms

As a Twitch mod, you might be responsible for making YouTube videos based on the stream channel. Some of the best instances are gaming streamers that sometimes include the best moments of the game and upload them on YouTube to gain more attention and followers.

Making YouTube Videos

For this, you’ll have to do some digging on how to create valuable and enticing thumbnails and write a short description with key tags. Also, you might need to interact with the community on the YouTube channel as well, and respond to fans instead of the streamer doing it by themselves.

Recently, there has been a rise in online gambling streamers that play games for hours and sometimes need a short highlights video. So, you would be responsible to create that video and thumbnail, and also promoting it.

Managing Social Media

Sometimes, Twitch mods also help run the social network accounts of the streamers. Whether it’s Instagram or Facebook, your streamer might need an extra pair of hands in leading and developing the accounts.

One of the social platforms that have been really growing in the eyes of streamers is TikTok. There, they can upload just brief highlights of their streams, so you should certainly be looking at some starting pay for doing so. To maintain a healthy community, the streamer might also ask you to moderate their Discord channel as well.

How To Get Paid As A Twitch Mod?

Obviously, bigger streamers run bigger channels, and they also make the most out of the platform profit-wise. So, your safest bet is to somehow get in touch with them and become a mod for their Twitch streams.

But, it’s easier said than done in this case, and you’ll have to come prepared. So, we’ve come up with some of the main tactics and tips for those looking to become paid Twitch moderators:

1) Become An Active Member Of The Community

Twitch communities have rapidly evolved and chat rooms make up the biggest part of those communities. There, followers can express their opinion or ask the streamer questions about their work, so it’s a perfect place to get started.

Get to know the streamer by watching a few streams first, and then try to blend into the community. You’ll also have to make your presence known to the streamer, so you should engage them and try to ask some questions in a polite way.

2) Participate In The Chat

Most Twitch mods take part in the chat room conversations before becoming active mods for the streamer. Since one active mod is enough for a smaller channel, you should always look for big channels and streamers with a large number of followers.

This way, you can have a higher chance of becoming a paid mod, since popular streamers have the funds and often need several mods at once. The best way to start is to welcome new followers and engage in a way that entices further debate and positively reflects the streamer’s work.

Think of it as a way of showing your skills to the streamer, as they will notice the way you deal with the community.

3) Establish A Connection

To become a paid mod, you’ll need to build a connection with the streamer, and what better way there is than by following their social accounts? You can follow big streamers on YouTube, TikTok, or Instagram.

You can also retweet their Twitter posts and you’ll possibly get the needed attention this way. Most mods start out like this for free, and after some time, they earn their salary with medium streamers or big streamers.

4) Get Involved Like It’s Your Channel

You need to take the streamer’s channel seriously, and streamers start paying Twitch mods mostly when you truly provide them with your assistance. Promoting social media accounts is one thing, but you can also participate in selling merch and get a piece of the pie from the streamer.

This way, you’ll feel like you are having an official job, and taking it seriously is really the only way. It still doesn’t mean you can earn good money from doing this full-time, but it should give you some extra cash.

Paid Twitch

It’s a matter of perspective on whether Twitch mods should be making money from helping the streamers manage their channels. After all, you would just be helping and most Twitch moderators don’t even get paid at all.

They do it for the dedication to a community, but most large-scale streamers would pay you for your honest work. So, if you are able to find a streamer big enough to have a wide base of followers and a steady income, you may have a shot at becoming one of the Twitch moderators that get paid.

Once you build the relationship, ask the streamer if you could somehow help grow the channel and get a dime or two in return. As for the long-term perspective, you have a much better chance of earning some extra cash by becoming a streamer yourself, than by being a mod.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, you probably not going to earn a full time income being a Twitch mod. 

You never know, but small channels are unlikely to pay you anything for your services. If you can get in good with a famous streamer, then that’s a completely different story.

You stand the best chance of getting paid by working as a mod for large channels. Make sure to have our tips in mind and to carefully approach the channel that you like about being the new mod.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

How much do Twitch mods get paid?

A Twitch mod doesn’t get paid much, especially when working for small-scale streamers. You can reap some benefits like tips from the steamer for dealing with the community, but most mods never get paid.

Does Ludwig pay his mods?

Big streamers like Ludwig pay their mods up to $1000 per day, while the offered pay for the mods was $5000 per day during his streaming marathon. Still, you have to go the extra mile to become a mod for large Twitch channels, and it also means getting to know the streamer before you propose a collaboration.

Is being a Twitch mod a job?

Being a Twitch mod can’t be considered a job if you are doing it for free. However, paid mods have a large number of assignments, including running social platforms for the streamer, interacting with the chat room, and ensuring order in the chat. So, you can say that paid mods seem to make it a full-time job if they are able to find a streamer that offers that chance.

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