How To Clean Chip On Credit Card?

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One of the most important things for everyday life is our finances. Our financial status is one thing that we all need to keep an eye on because if we don’t then we risk potentially harming our lives.

If our access to our money is in some way damaged or made harder, then this is a way that our finances can get out of control. 

How to clean chip on credit card

This is why it is crucial that you keep your various cards, debit and credit, in good working order. In our modern world cash has been often surpassed by credit and debit cards. We see no need to keep cash on us regularly when our magical little friends can so easily buy us whatever we want wherever we want.

However, if your credit card is damaged in some way or isn’t functioning properly then you could easily find yourself in a precarious situation. If your cards aren’t working and you need money quickly then you will be in serious trouble.

This is why ensuring that your cards are thoroughly maintained and in the best possible condition is imperative. 

You might be wondering though – how can you ensure your cards are in a great state? What can you do to make sure your cards are in the best condition possible? How to clean chip on credit card? These are all questions that you need answers to and this piece will seek to answer all of them. 

Why Is It Important To Make Sure Your Cards Are In A Good Condition? 

You might first of all be wondering – why is it important that your cards are in a good condition? After all, weren’t they made to be reliable and not easily cause problems for you?

You are of course right – your credit card and your debit card are made to last. However, with the best will in the world they are still only plastic. Strong plastic yes but plastic that can still be cut by scissors or damaged or scuffed easily.

If your card is damaged, then this can easily mean you won’t be able to spend money or be able to pay for things when you need to. 

As a replacement card can take some time to arrive, this could easily mean that your life or job could grind to a halt, and you might have negative repercussions that could last for weeks or even months. This is why it is imperative that you make sure your cards are in the best condition possible. 

How To Keep Your Cards Safe?

One great preventative measure that can ensure that your cards are safe is to have them in your wallet constantly.

Whilst this might seem like a very simple thing and something that a lot of people do, you would be surprised how often people forget to put their card into their wallet and the card ends up getting scratched or damaged by something else in their pocket or by another object. 

Equally of course if you wallet is battered, old or lined with bad stitching your cards can as easily become scratched inside the wallet as outside. This is why even within your wallet you can make sure your cards are safe by placing them inside a plastic cover.

This cover can easily keep your card safe and stop it from getting scratched, have something spill on it or any other kind of damage. 

Whilst putting your cards inside plastic covers as well as a wallet may seem excessive, it is well worth it if it prevents your cards from becoming damaged in any way at all. 

How To Clean Your Credit Card’s Chip?

The worst possible part of your credit card that can get damaged is the credit card’s microchip. The microchip is what communicates with the bank and the person you are paying to ensure that your payment is correct and that you can release money for whatever you want. 

Whilst the chip getting damaged is rare it can happen. In cases when the chip is actually removed or falls off the rest of the card, it is impossible to fix and will require you to request a new card from you bank.

However, in instances in which the chip is simply not working due to dirt or some other adhesive it is easy to ensure that your card can work again. 

First of all, take the card out and place is on a good solid back. This can be a kitchen chopping board (if properly wiped), a desk or anything that is firm and steady. 

Next you need to get some alcohol. It is best if you get alcohol that is as strong as possible – 99 or 98% usually works the best however if you are unable to get that then alcohol that is 70% works though it is not as effective as 98 or 99. The higher the alcohol content that better in this instance. 

Take a small amount of alcohol and pour it onto a cotton wool bud or piece of tissue. It is best to use a cotton wool bud though a tissue can work as well, as long as the paper is thick. 

Once the alcohol is on the bud then begin to gently wipe along the chip. It is important that you do this gently and not too roughly as you don’t want to damage the chip, or the card anymore than it already might be. 

Once you have done this for about five minutes or less and then check if the card is working. Hopefully it should be – if not then you likely need to contact your credit card company and request a new card. 

Cards And Life 

Whilst credit cards can at times seem like a pain, they are always useful. They can help get us some small impulse purchases for ourselves or our family and they can ensure that we can pay off certain bills or debts when we are in trouble.

This is why, although they may be frustrating at times, they are a positive thing. They help us to lead our lives and ensure that is runs smoothly. This is why you should make sure your credit cards are always in the best condition because you never know when you might need them. 

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