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Controlling where your money goes and to who it goes is a pivotal part of life. If you can’t keep your credit card where you want it to be kept then you can easily end up in a situation in which you feel as if you are powerless. 

So, if you end up leaving home without your credit card and you need it, then what are you going to do to ensure that you get it back? You cannot simply cancel your trip because you have left your own credit card at home.

How to mail a credit card

Yet you will probably need it on your trip whether it is for business or pleasure. 

Luckily, if someone is at home, they can mail your credit card to you. You might be thinking that this sounds preposterous – how can it be safe to mail your credit card anywhere?

Well, this piece will set out how you can ensure that your credit card always gets where it needs to be. 

This article will not only explain how to mail a credit card but also why you can do it and how it can be helpful if you are stuck in a situation in which you need access to it. 

Why Should You Mail Your Credit Card?

First of all, let’s address the elephant in the room. You might be thinking – why on earth should you mail your credit card in the first place? Isn’t it leaving it up to chance that someone could intercept the parcel and use your credit card for whatever they wanted, taking all your money?

Firstly, the US Postal Service is one of the best for dealing with highly sensitive parcels that needs to be sent somewhere quickly and securely.

If you ensure that your parcel containing your credit card is sent first class, internationally tracked and signed for the likelihood that your card does not arrive in the destination you need it to be is as certain as anything can be in this world. 

Parcels do sometimes go missing and do sometimes get stolen, but this is only ever a rare phenomenon. The majority of mail is sent around the world quickly and effectively and without any damage incurred on it. This is why you shouldn’t feel fear about your credit card getting stolen in the mail.

Secondly, your credit card even if it does get intercepted is unlikely to be of any great use to the person who could intercept it. Without your pin number, any thief will be unable to get a great deal of money off the card. 

Thirdly and finally, if you need your credit card sent to you then it can be easier to wait for it to arrive than to simply attempt to shift money around your accounts, potentially incurring some other difficulties with your finances. 

Therefore, it is clear and simple to see that mailing your credit card is not a dangerous or silly thing to do but rather something you can and should do if you have to. 

How To Mail A Credit Card

Now that we’ve looked at why you should mail your credit card, let’s have a look at how you can mail it. 

Mailing a credit card can seem like a daunting challenge at first but once you understand what you have to do to ensure that it is safe, you will understand that it is truly very easy. 

Firstly, you must make sure that it is packaged and posted properly. The amount you pay for a tracked and signed for parcel will obviously be higher than if you simply mailed the card off but it is more likely to be stolen or damaged or end up not at its right destination if you don’t spend time sending it with the correct postage.

Sending it tracked and signed for means you can track the parcel with the credit card on its way to its destination easily and make sure that it gets to the right destination and is signed for by your or whoever you have sent it to. 

Another important step is the packing of the credit card. Many people prefer to send it within another item as they feel that this means it will be less likely to be stolen. Sending something that looks like a credit card might mean it could more easily be pinched or more easily lost because of its relatively small size. 

If you are sending it to yourself or someone else, it might be worth placing the card inside a book or a similarly larger object in order that it is not only not lost or stolen but also so you don’t get worried that it might get broken on its journey. 

Once these steps are taken take the card to your nearest post office drop off point, or get someone you trust to drop it off, and wait for it to arrive at its chosen destination. 

Why Mailing Your Credit Card Isn’t A Bad Idea

As this piece has demonstrated it can be quite easy and safe to mail your credit card to yourself. It is equally important that you know how to do it given that you may need to do it more than once in the future. 

The reason that mailing your credit card isn’t a bad idea is because it can ensure that you gain access to your money quickly and effectively without having to mess around with sending money online or changing about how you get your money. 

It also ensures that if you need to regularly travel from place to place and don’t want to worry about carrying too much on your during the flight you can simply mail your card ahead of you and get it as soon as you both land at your destination. 

There is often too much cynicism in the world that makes people believe that they are unable to do anything as simple as mailing their credit card without it causing a great deal of stress and worry over potentially losing it.

Mailing your credit card isn’t like that and it helps give you greater faith in humanity. 

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