Types Of Credit Cards That Start With 4147

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By reviewing a credit card number, you can discover further information about the type of credit card it is. While the sequence of numbers is unique to each card, the first four numbers signify what type of card it specifically is.

If a credit card starts with a 4, then it is a visa. Those that begin with the number 5 are a Mastercard, number 6 is a Discover card, and the number 3 is associated with a few different types such as an American Express, Carte Blache, or Diners Club card. 

Types Of Credit Cards That Start With 4147

Every credit card has 15 or 16 digits and each number has a particular significance. As well as identifying the card owner, the digits help us determine what type of card it is, who the card issuer is, and what type of account the card is linked to.

There is also a “check” digit that ensures you correctly entered the first 14 or 15 numbers of the card.

But, what do the numbers 4147 signify exactly? Well, we have the answers in this article. In short, a credit card that starts with 4147 is mostly associated with:

Continue reading to find out more about what types of credit cards begin with 4147 and what certain numbers mean.

What does the “4” mean on a credit card? 

If the first digit of a credit card is “4”, then this indicates the credit card’s network. This first digit is referred to as the “Major Industry Identifier”, or “MII” by the credit card industry. Nonetheless, to the rest of us, it’s simply known as the first digit of the card (simpler).

If the first digit is 4, then this always corresponds with a Visa card. Therefore, “4147” indicates that the card type is a Visa. 

If the first digit on the credit card was a “3”, then it would be an American Express, Carte Blanche, or Diners Club card. 

If the first digit is a “2” or a “5”, the card will be a Mastercard.

Lastly, “6” as the first number signifies a Discover card.

What do the remaining numbers mean? 

So, we now know that a credit card that starts with “4147” is always a Visa card. However, there are another 11 or 12 digits to deal with as well. Let’s delve into this matter below.

The second and sixth digits indicate what company issued the card and what type of credit card it is. But, we are only looking at the first four numbers. So we are left with “147.” Thankfully, we can still use the “147” to find the card issuer.

The first four or six numbers of a credit card are known as the Issuer Identification Number (INN). This is also referred to as the Bank Identification Number (BIN). Interestingly, we can use these digits to look up and find which bank is the original issuer of the card. 

Let’s sum up what the first four digits represent for each card network:

Is it safe to give out the last four digits of your credit card? 

It is generally considered to be a safe practice to give the last four digits of your credit card. These numbers are usually used to validate that you are the actual owner and holder of the card in question.

These digits are also used if credit is to be applied to the card. Therefore, whoever is applying for the credit can ensure it is the correct card. 

What cards start with 414701 to 414710?

What is the CVV number and is it safe to give? 

A CVV number stands for Card Verification Value. If you regularly purchase items on the internet, you have probably typed this number out hundreds of times before. 

The CVV is the three, or sometimes four, digit number found on your card. This provides an extra layer of security when completing purchases online or over the phone. 

But, is it safe to hand your CVV information out? No. You should never provide your CVV number when asked on the phone or when you’re processing a card payment in person. If you are asked for this under these circumstances, it is a clear sign of possible fraud.

CVV numbers should only be used for online purchases. If you’re making a payment via the telephone, ensure that the number has been obtained from a trusted source and always make the call directly. 

In Summary 

The answer to what types of credit cards start with 4147 is a visa or debit card. If the first four numbers of your card display 4147, then it is one of a possible 99 visa credit or debit cards. 

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